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Touchdown Bus Drivers!
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Friday, September 30, 2016
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Touchdown bus drivers!  September 22nd was Utrust Bus Driver Appreciation Day and Bells Elementary honored those drivers that make sure we all enjoy services they provide throughout the year, like bringing our friends to school safely each day and helping make sure we enjoy learning outside the classroom on field trips, too. 

While some students ride the bus to and from school each day and others may only ride it for field trips and to special events, all students ride the bus from time to time.  For this reason, all students were encouraged to thank a bus driver for taking care of us every day.  A large thank you banner from everyone at Bells Elementary was displayed for afternoon bus arrival and all drivers received a special thank you goodie bag.  With our drivers we all win!

Students recognized that no matter where we are headed, our bus drivers are important to all of us and our school.  

The Utrust Appreciation Program reminds us that every day school employees make a difference in the lives of children.  They all contribute in different ways and provide encouragement, learning opportunities and other services to make children’s school experiences successful.  

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