Organization Forms

Organization Forms Volunteer Service Form (Student Council) Volunteer Service can be defined as work done for someone without pay. Some examples of community service activities are yard work for neighbors, public grounds cleanup, babysitting, gathering donated clothes for Good Will, picking up litter along roadway, working in church nursery, volunteering through the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Goodwill, participating in a fundraiser for an organization outside of school, visiting nursing homes. There are many more service opportunities and to make sure they qualify simply ask Mrs. Brooke or Ms. Stacey.

A minimum of six (6) hours of volunteer service are required of each Student Council member during the school year. Three (3) hours are due at the end of the fall semester and three (3) additional hours are due at the end of the spring semester. These hours must be served in the semester in which they are due. These totals represent a minimum requirement but collecting additional service hours is certainly encouraged. Also, community service hour awards will be given to Student council members with the greatest number of hours served.

Please be sure all Student Council service hours are submitted on this form. If you need additional pages, please see Mrs. Brooke or Ms. Stacey. Be sure to fill out the form completely for each activity before requesting advisor initials. The hours are due on or before the last day of semester exams each semester.